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Homeopathy is vibrational medicine

Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of like treating like. A substance in a material or physical measure that causes a toxicological effect or illness, can treat or heal that effect or illness when used in a vibrational level. In other words, the remedy in its natural state can cause the same symptoms, and in a homeopathic state can clear those symptoms.

An example of this would be to treat, say, a boil with Apis, which is derived from the sting of a bee.

For long term or chronic disease the remedy may not be so straight forward and a series of remedies could be involved.

Even a few dosages of a homeopathic remedy can exert a durable and effective action. The nature of the remedy is re-educate the subtle energy system of the person using it, inviting the individuals own healing powers to learn how to overcome the disease. Repeated dosing with the homeopathic remedy can continue to have an effective action or may seem to fade away. This may require the use of a different homeopathic remedy to continue the healing process into the next phase.

A “healing crisis” occasionally occurs, this is due to the activation of the healing ability within the person and causes temporary aggravation of the initial symptoms. This is not an actual worsening of the disease but symptoms that have been suppressed in the past that re-surface to be properly cleared. When symptoms of this nature occur and are uncomfortable, a temporary halt to the remedy is recommended and a re-introduction later at a reduced frequency.

Substances that are poisonous in actual material doses are perfectly safe as a homeopathic remedy. This is because the remedy is diluted to the point where only a resonance or vibration of the substance remains and cannot be measured physically.

Homeopathic remedies are usually made from the original substance (such as a mineral or plant) by a process of dilutions and succussions. This is done either in good quality water (not tap water), or alcohol. At each stage there is a ten, hundred or thousand fold dilution to the remedy. To make the remedy easy to use lactose or sugar pillules are usually medicated with the fluid tincture.

Due to the high levels of dilution even in lower potencies, atomic or physical evidence of the original substance no longer exists, and the refined nature of the remedy requires that it should not be handled, but applied on a clean spoon or other implement under the tongue and be allowed to dissolve, and not chewed, sucked or swallowed. Because the remedy is at its most efficacious when absorbed through the membrane of the mouth the pallet should be clear, so no food, drink or cigarette should be consumed at least half an hour before or after taking the remedy.

Paradoxically the more the remedies are diluted the more potent they become. Science does not yet know how homeopathy works, although some evidence is now indicating that the Electro-Magnetic field of the patient is altered when the remedies are used.

Classical homeopathy regards the human being as a subtle energy field. The ingredients derived from homeopathic remedies retain the vital energy or the subtle blueprint of of the original substance and can act to to adjust the human subtle energy field or help to remind it of how to help itself.

Homeopathic remedies should not be stored near electrical appliances as low frequency electro-magnetic fields can negate the remedy, such is its sensitivity.

Arthur Wallis
Dip. Sh. Homeopathy 




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