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Subtle energetic relevance to Atlas alignment


An energy centre based at the base of the skull. Can carry energy of past life blocks.

Place of implants and energetic restriction to restrict past life access and ability to find lifes true purpose.

Refered to as “the breath of God” in esoteric literature: an epicentrere of the energies of higher mind that is now awakening and connecting to the 6th. & 7th. Chakras of the 3rd. eye & crown.

Rudolph Steyner refers to arhimanic implants being placed in the body before birth to deepen earthly struggle to acces life purpose.

Dr. Jude Currivan, modern mystic, healer and physicist reveals in her books The 8th. Chakra and The 13th Step, how the Alta Major Chakra synthesizes the head chakras (crown, brow & throat) to bring into balance energies of head and personal heart centre, assisting with the awakening of universal heart chakra (higher heart chakra) between heart and throat which accesses true intuition and divine will.

The 8th Chakra” (ISBN 978-1-4019-1063-1)
The 13th Step (ISBN 978-1-4019-1548-3)

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